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We are the only digitized Gym fully dedicated to creating spectacular fitness routine and inspiring changes into the people. Bringing people closer to their goals with our excellent team of trainers and state of the art infrastructure. So, join the movement with us.





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Membership options

₹ 20,000

General Membership

₹ 86,000

Advance Membership

₹ 1,50,000

Premium Membership

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With Jason Drone

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I joined heliox during my last visit in india. It was newly open at that time.I have been to various gyms in Europe but this was my first gym experience in India and I was surprised to see the fantastic range of equipment and professional staff .Price per month was quite high however you can opt for yearly plan which is cheaper. I went for a monthly package as I was not sure about my departure. Though, it was expensive, but the hygiene and atmosphere inside was definitely worth it. The classes were fantastic and you feel like the trainer's push you to your personal best or will personally help you do better. Though this gym is smaller but I can definitely say that this gym is quite close to European gyms.
Ashwini Kumar Mansi
Heliox is already known for its finest equipment. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable, highly motivated, and awesome people to be around. I am glad that I am at one of the best places to workout. I definitely can say that whether your goal is to burn fat, tone up or gain muscle, build strength, increase flexibility or improve your cardiovascular health, Heliox has the perfect atmosphere to meet up your expectation. If you're a woman and new to fitness then this is the best place to join as I've never been to a gym with a better vibe. Also, they have a vast cardio machine selection, a variety of advanced equipment for different parts of the body, very peaceful stretching and yoga classes, and a bigger area with a very decent range of dumbbells for weight lifting etc. Altogether, It's an optimistic environment with a diverse community
SAvita palial
The gym is extremely spacious and there are lot of good variety of equipments, so waiting time is almost zero. Neat and Clean washroom and changing room available for everyone. There are lot of different trainings happening such as Weight, Crossfit, Strength, Functional, Zumba, Animal Flow etc. Also, trainers are available to help with the postures and techniques. Facility to get a Personal Trainer is also available. I also got a free introductory session as well to try out the gym. As this gym is highly spacious and maintain cleanliness which was a MUST important check for me especially during these COVID times. So, highly recommend to try it at-least once.
renu tiwari
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